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Gregory Dorosh

Greg Dorosh - Artist

Decherd, TN


Let's get acquainted with artist Greg Dorosh. Greg is primarily a landscape / figurative painter. His art can be considered representational / impressionist style.
Greg was born in Jersey City, New Jersey but lived in Garfield, New Jersey.During his teen years, he lived in Milton, NJ. Greg became interested in art at an early age.

" My father was a draftsman which started my interest in architecture and art. Before drawing and painting, I designed
houses and floor plans."

Greg continued with his art education during the four years in high school and one year in college. He is a self - study artist and continued his studies by watching Bob Ross on television , reading art instruction books, and attending art workshops. He still continues art instruction by watching DVDs.

" My favorite art workshop was with Daniel Greene who I admire."

In 1973, Greg moved to West Palm Beach, Florida where he continued to pursue his art. He received his first commission to paint a portrait of a friends son who passed away. His early landscapes were sold at an art show in the Bahamas. He received an award for a landscape painting being exhibited at an art show at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, Florida.
In 2003 , Greg moved to Decherd, Tennessee, where his studio is now. He is a member of the Artist Daily Community and See I Me Gallery / Community in New York City, New York. He participated in group art shows at See I Me Gallery in New York City. Most recently, he participated in See I Me Takeover show in Times Square, New York City, NY USA.
Architecture and landscapes give Greg inspiration for his landscape paintings. His fondness for Star Trek inspired him to paint Star Trek characters, which many people admire. Greg is now doing religious paintings also.



BOUQUET by Gregory Dorosh


THE DART by Gregory Dorosh


BOAT HOUSE by Gregory Dorosh


CATHEDRAL by Gregory Dorosh


MOON BATHING by Gregory Dorosh


ALYONKA by Gregory Dorosh


HEY, LOOK DOWN THERE by Gregory Dorosh


PARTING OF RED SEA by Gregory Dorosh


PETRIFIED by Gregory Dorosh


GAZEBO by Gregory Dorosh


WATER LILLIES by Gregory Dorosh


DIVA by Gregory Dorosh


OVERFLOW by Gregory Dorosh


POND FLOWERS by Gregory Dorosh


SOLITUDE by Gregory Dorosh


THREE RED FLOWERS by Gregory Dorosh


POTTED FLOWERS by Gregory Dorosh


FARM HOUSE by Gregory Dorosh


YELLOW BLOOM by Gregory Dorosh


STAFFORD CREEK by Gregory Dorosh


LANDED by Gregory Dorosh


FRESH CREEK by Gregory Dorosh


VASE OF FLOWERS by Gregory Dorosh


MOORISH PALACE by Gregory Dorosh


FLOWERS by Gregory Dorosh